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Reflections at 33
I woke up this morning, 33 years old, from a dream about going back to high school. I've had dreams about going back to high school at least a hundred times since I graduated; forgotten homework, conversations with teachers, leaving school without permission, etc. It's a metaphor for leaving college. I like to think I live life without regrets, but I think my greatest regret is not having finished my education. Of course, that's an absurd notion. Your education is never finished. I learned more in the last 10 years of living life than I ever did in any 10 years in school. Life is the great teacher, and its lessons are written on the years.

When I was a young pup, I liked to think I was special. I liked to think that I could speed things along, achieve success sooner. I couldn't wait to get on with it. Maybe if I had been born with a trust fund, I could have, but I was born into a lower middle class family in a rural environment. I had to work hard. I've achieved much, but I'm still unfilled in many of my dreams.

Well, I'm not done, yet. I have years more to achieve the fulfillment of a life, and I've achieved the best parts; a partner, a life filled with love & friendship, and a career. It's been an adventure, and there's still more territory to explore. I'm approaching midlife, and I feel very optimistic.

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